Plann3d Hero video of a 3d virtual tour web player, google tango tablet, and virtual reality headset all in one showcase video

Do you know the best way to market off-the-plan property?

We sure do.

Plann3d Apple Imac computer showing the 3d virtual tour for an off-the-plan property
Samsung Gear VR headset of the same 3d virtual tour Google Project Tango tablet of the same 3d virtual tour

Immerse your property in virtual reality

Walk through your property in augmented reality

Who we are

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality and most innovative services available. With an affinity towards property, design and technology, Plann3d has naturally started to build tools that help the communication of off-the-plan property.

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We bring your projects to life with a range of services from technology consulting, to building compelling software products and most importantly immersive 3d virtual tours.
Stand above the rest with the services we offer below.

Plann3d renders of off-the-plan property


Between our creative team and talented partners, Plann3d has the capabilities to create the finest quality renders and also highly affordable images.

Virtual reality and augmented reality show our 3d virtual tour

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Welcome to the future of off-the-plan. Applying cutting edge hardware to demonstrate your projects in a new and engaging way. We have the abilities to ensure we can deliver our content to any device to reach your target market.

Immersive web player with light weight 3d virtual tour

Immersive Web Player

The immersive web player allows your project to be accessed anywhere, anytime. We produce lightweight content for web and mobile. Business is worldwide and we feel your digital marketing should be too.

Contact us

Please enquire with any questions, we are always excited to share our technology.